Around Titicaca Lake

Written on 29/10/2017 in Visits & Travel Guides

Around Titicaca Lake Titicaca lake really is a magical place on earth. At over 3800 mt of altitude, it’s the biggest lake in South America and the highest navigable lake in the world. It is also considered the birthplace of the great Inca culture, with Manco Capac, the first great ruler of Incas, raising from...

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Sport & Inkas

Written on 27/10/2017 in Running the World

Sport & Inkas ENGLISH   /   ITALIANO 🇬🇧 Running during these first days within the Inka Kingdom has been impossible. It wasn’t so much the altitude to stop me (I’m running regularly now in LaPaz, although inside), rather the lack of space. In places like Cusco and Ollantaytambo, there is absolutely no safe track...

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Written on 26/10/2017 in Watch Us

Cusco Photo Gallery Cusco was the capital of the glorious Inca Kingdom and nowadays is the touristic epicenter of Peru. We spent just a bit more than 1 day and this is what we discovered.  

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La Légende d’Ollantay

Written on 26/10/2017 in Must Read

Il n’y a pas de lieu plus magique que le Royaume des Incas. Leur mystérieuse et puissante Civilisation est à l’origine de la fascination qui en est née partout dans le monde: guerre, pouvoir, Or, pierres précieuses, conquête et mystification de la nature et de ses Dieux. Nous voici à Ollantaytambo, une des villes qui...

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Ollantaytambo – Photo Gallery

Written on 18/10/2017 in Watch Us

Ollantaytambo Photo Gallery Here is a quick photo gallery from our first 2 days in Peru! Ecco una piccola serie di foto dei nostri primi 2 giorni in Peru! Une petite selection de nos premiers instants au Peru! Share it and like it on social media! 🙂 Next stop, MachuPichu!

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The 6 steps to freedom

Written on 11/10/2017 in Must Read

It is when you are not afraid that you will give the best of you. Fear, doubts, insecurity just build thicker walls between you and yourself. Each of those walls will just be a layer of your worse habits and reactions face to stressful situation.   This is how I felt when I announced my...

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Half Marathon Barceloneta

Written on 09/09/2017 in Running the World

Easy Paced Half Marathon A nice and easy saturday morning run from Barceloneta to Badalona and back. Passed the half marathon mark under 1h47min.     Bella e facile corsa di sabato mattina dalla Barceloneta a Badalona e ritorno, su tutto il lungomare di Barcelona. Coperta la mezza maratona in meno di 1h.47min And here...

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