Hoi An Guide for Tourist

Written on 17/02/2019 in Visits & Travel Guides

Hoi An Guide for Tourist Hoi An was a major Southeast Asian trading post, designed as a trading hub, from the 16th until the 19th century. A cosmopolitan hub filled up by many Chinese, Japanese and European immigrants who ended up settling there. This is clearly reflected in the many heritage houses and architecture of...

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4 days in Fiji Islands

Written on 01/04/2018 in Must Read

4 days in Fiji Islands As we were leaving New Zealand to go to Asia, we could make a stop on one of the most beautiful islands of Pacific. We had a choice between Philippines and Fiji. Andrea is an unconditional fan of rugby, so we chose to make a few days stop in Nadi...

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New Zealand Itinerary 3 weeks

Written on 08/03/2018 in Must Read

New Zealand Itinerary 3 weeks   New Zealand is an island located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean- divided into two main lands The North Island and The South Island. It has been one of the last island to be settled by humans. The first presence of human has been estimated around 1250 or 1300, when...

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Torres del Paine – W Trek Part 1

Written on 03/12/2017 in Must Read

Refugio Grey – 30km W Trek – Torres del Paine   This W Trek is one of the Highlights we have been looking for during this trip. A 5 days/4 nights incredible experience in “Parque Natural Torres del Paine” (handle by CONAF) to see the Glacier Grey, Mirador Británico and finally las Tres Torres (read...

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The 6 steps to freedom

Written on 11/10/2017 in Must Read

It is when you are not afraid that you will give the best of you. Fear, doubts, insecurity just build thicker walls between you and yourself. Each of those walls will just be a layer of your worse habits and reactions face to stressful situation.   This is how I felt when I announced my...

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The Itinerary

Written on 10/08/2017 in Must Read

The Itinerary 🇬🇧 This is our planned itinerary for TheNeverEndingTravel. Click on the cities and locations to see all the related articles and photos 🙂 🇮🇹 Questo è l’itinerario programmato per il nostro viaggio. Clicca sulle città e luoghi per vedere tutti gli articoli e le foto su di loro 🙂 🇫🇷 Voici notre itinér...

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