Biking down the Death Road

Written on 03/11/2017 in Visits & Travel Guides

Biking down the Death Road ENGLISH   /    ITALIANO 🇬🇧   One of the most exciting experience you can have around La Paz is surely test yourself on the “most dangerous road” in the world. Andrea had already had the pleasure to do so in 2015, but it’s so much fun that he couldn’t pass...

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10 curious things about La Paz

Written on 02/11/2017 in Must Read

10 curious things about La Paz ENGLISH   /    ITALIANO / FRANÇAIS 🇬🇧     We stayed almost two weeks in La Nuestra Señora de la Paz, one of the most important Bolivian cities, we have walked and traveled along its busy streets and learned a lot about this unique town. These are the most...

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Gym & Sport in La Paz

Written on 01/11/2017 in Running the World

Gym & Sport in La Paz ENGLISH   /    ITALIANO 🇬🇧    Running this week in La Paz continues to be a forbidden pleasure. If Cusco and Ollantaytambo were not suitable, well, La Paz is even worse. Its streets are narrow and busy with an infinite number of cars, minibus and vans. The smog...

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The Elephant Cemetery : Halloween Special!

Written on 31/10/2017 in Must Read

🎃Elephant Cemeteries – Myth or reality?🎃 ENGLISH   /    ITALIANO / FRANÇAIS 🇬🇧  In the city of La Paz you will find a lot of curiosities. First its urban architecture. It is the highest capital in the world. It is located in a canyon surrounded by breathtaking mountains panoramas. Anywhere you would look, you...

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