Running in Vietnam

Written on 01/05/2018 in Running the World

Running in Vietnam I know I have been saying this a lot about other countries, but running in Vietnam really isn’t easy. Actually it’s been the worst country so far for running. Reasons are different in each city we have visited, but the only place I managed to run outside was Dalat, and it was...

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Running in New Zealand

Written on 16/03/2018 in Running the World

Running in New Zealand Running in New Zealand was soooo good! Such a pleasure to finally run in a mild climate, with amazing landscapes, clean roads, no stray dogs around an an unlimited number of tracks and trails. I only wish I had more time to run around the spectacular roads of Aotearoa, as we...

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Running in Rio de Janeiro

Written on 15/03/2018 in Running the World

Running in Rio de Janeiro Running in Rio de Janeiro in January is a though challenge! It’s so hot and humid that you really struggle to keep up with your usual pace. And you have just a couple of routes that you can follow, as the rest of the city streets are totally off limits...

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Running in Uruguay

Written on 04/01/2018 in Running the World

Running in Uruguay 🇬🇧 Uruguay has been a great place to run during the Christmas holiday. Punta del Este does not look like South America at all, with its fancy buildings and atmosphere, but it does provide a great environment to run. Montevideo as well, with its own “rambla” (a sidewalk that mark all the...

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Buenos Aires Second Week

Written on 27/12/2017 in Visits & Travel Guides

Buenos Aires Second Week 🇬🇧 The second week in Buenos Aires came with worse weather which reduced my outside running, but gave me the opportunity to focus more on gym works. I can now highly recommend Always Gym in Palermo Soho, as for just about 35€ you get a 2 week pass. The machines are...

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Running in Buenos Aires

Written on 21/12/2017 in Running the World

Buenos Aires First Week 🇬🇧 Buenos Aires is a nice city to run in, but it’s not the best, nor the one I liked the most. People here are passionate about running and you meet many fellow runners, however there are 2 main drawbacks. First of all, at least in spring and summer, it’s very...

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Running at the end of the world

Written on 20/12/2017 in Running the World

Running at the end of the world During our 3 days stay in Ushuaia I managed to squeeze in 2 nice runs along the windy and hilly cost of beagle channel near the mystical Cape Horn. I passed several times a sign saying “Fin del Mundo” – The end of the world! It was indeed...

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Half Marathon Estrecho de Magallanes

Written on 10/12/2017 in Running the World

Half Marathon Estrecho de Magallanes ENGLISH Taking part in the Maratona del Estrecho de Magallanes  in Punta Arenas (the official southernmost marathon event in the world) was really fun and I ended up running a great time, my fastest recorded half marathon, as well as my personal best on 15k, 10 miles and 20km, as...

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Tempo 10k in Bariloche

Written on 25/11/2017 in Running the World

Tempo 10k in Bariloche   I have only 2 weeks left before the half marathon race in Punta Arenas, and not much time to train. I’m not worried by the distance, rather the pace I would love to keep. I know I could with just one month of proper training run it at 4:20min/km pace,...

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Half Marathon to Cerro Redentor

Written on 23/11/2017 in Running the World

Half Marathon to Cerro Redentor As I decided to amend my travel plans so that I can take part in the Most Southern Marathon in the World, I need to increase a by my mileage and train a bit more regularly. I will run only a half marathon in Punta Arenas on December 3rd, I...

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