Cloud 9 Pizza Bar – Fiji

Written on 03/04/2018 in Must Read

Cloud 9 Pizza Bar – Fiji Watch how we spent an incredible day at Cloud 9 – Fiji one and only pizza bar in the middle of the Ocean. Do you want to see and know more about Fiji? Read our full post about visiting Fiji!

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Iguazú Falls

Written on 15/01/2018 in Must Read

Iguazú Falls Iguazu Falls are located at the border of Argentina and Brazil. They are the biggest waterfalls system in the world and part of the 7 wonder list. The name “Cataratas del Iguazú” comes from the guarani language meaning “big waters”. The legend says that deity decided to marry one of the most beautiful woman.....

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Ushuaia – End of the World

Written on 15/12/2017 in Must Read

Ushuaia – End of the World   After our marvellous journey through Patagonia, we reached la Tierra de Fuego at its very last but not least destination, Ushuaia, Fin del Mundo. Our very first stop has been the most touristic one to see the signal “Fin del Mundo”. It is a nice feeling to see...

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Torres del Paine – W Trek Part 3

Written on 04/12/2017 in Must Read

Refugio Cuernos/Chileno/Las Tres Torres – 75km W Trek – Torres del Paine   After our morning walk on the third day to Mirador Británico, we went to our 3rd camp site los Cuernos. We were tired on this 3rd day but luckily the path was easy going. Some parts were a bit steep but most...

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