Iguazú Falls

Iguazu Falls are located at the border of Argentina and Brazil
. They are the biggest waterfalls system in the world and part of the 7 wonder list. The name “Cataratas del Iguazú” comes from the guarani language meaning “big waters”. The legend says that deity decided to marry one of the most beautiful woman called Naipí. But she was in love with a mortal and tried to escape with her lover named Tarobá in a canoe though the river. When the deity realised it, in a rage, he sliced the river creating the waterfalls and condemning the two treaters to an eternal fall. 



You can visit the site from both Argentinian and Brazilian side. However, most of the falls are in Argentina. Through a system of bridges, you can walk and visit the natural park which offers severals view points of the Falls. We started our visit from the Argentinian side and stayed at Puerto de Iguazu. There are regulars buses going to the Cataratas which cost little as they are public transportation. However the park entrance is a little bit more expensive. It would cost around 30$ from each side. We were lucky with the weather as it was not raining nonetheless the hit and humidity made it challenging. At the entrance of the park, there are signals everywhere to warm the visitors about the animals which are freely going around. The most visible are the Caoti which go around the tourist to steal some food. You can clearly see that they absolutely not afraid of people as they have been used to tourists by now. Nonetheless they are still wild animals and some people treat them as domestic dogs trying to cuddle them at their risks! Picture of bites and injuries caused by Caoti ar displayed around the park to remind visitors to neither feed or approach them. We could also see big lizards, crocodile and monkeys!


After one day and more or less 6hours visiting the Falls from Argentina, we passed the Brazilian border the day after to reach Foz de Iguaçu and visit the Brazilian side. It is very easy and fast to reach Brazil. It would take one hour more or less. The bus stops at the border to pass the customs and then every 15 minutes a new bus passes to reach Foz de Iguaçu. Here again it is very easy to reach the Cataratas. The visit is shorter and you could make it in a couple of hours. 

What impressed us much apart from the stunning view of the Falls is that anywhere in the park if the weather is sunny there are rainbows with amazing colours. It is definitively one of the seven wonders and it is worth it to visit it.


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