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“If you’re going to have a story, have a it big, have it last, have it never ending..” 


TheNeverEndingTravels behing the scenes

Written on 15/03/2018 in Must Read

TheNeverEndingTravels behind the scene My heart swings back and forth between the need for routine and the urge to run I believe this sentence resume exactly my great quest in life. I have always been chasing something and once getting it wanted to have the exact opposite. But for once, when I decided to travel...

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Recoleta mysterious Cemetery

Written on 16/01/2018 in Must Read

Stories of Recoleta Cemetery The Cemetery of the wealthy Recoleta district, Buenos Aires, offers not only remarkable hosts but also some surprising stories. Originally founded as the garden of the Franciscan convent “Los Recoletos” in the 18th Century, it is converted into a public cemetery when the religious order was disbanded in 1822...

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The Elephant Cemetery : Halloween Special!

Written on 31/10/2017 in Must Read

🎃Elephant Cemeteries – Myth or reality?🎃 ENGLISH   /    ITALIANO / FRANÇAIS 🇬🇧  In the city of La Paz you will find a lot of curiosities. First its urban architecture. It is the highest capital in the world. It is located in a canyon surrounded by breathtaking mountains panoramas. Anywhere you would look, you...

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La Légende d’Ollantay

Written on 26/10/2017 in Must Read

Il n’y a pas de lieu plus magique que le Royaume des Incas. Leur mystérieuse et puissante Civilisation est à l’origine de la fascination qui en est née partout dans le monde: guerre, pouvoir, Or, pierres précieuses, conquête et mystification de la nature et de ses Dieux. Nous voici à Ollantaytambo, une des villes qui...

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