Refugio Cuernos/Chileno/Las Tres Torres – 75km

W Trek – Torres del Paine


After our morning walk on the third day to Mirador Británico, we went to our 3rd camp site los Cuernos. We were tired on this 3rd day but luckily the path was easy going. Some parts were a bit steep but most likely it was flat easy road. The end was slightly challenging with a lot of rocks on the ground. This way was also very beautiful since you wal all around another lagoon peaceful and with cristal clear water. 

When we reached los Cuernos camp site it was heaven. They had facilities, hot water and food for us. The Refugios on this site of the park are owned by Fantastico Sur. Here you are not allowed to cook on your own so you need to take with them the full board. It was comforting since we could enjoy a delicious hot meal sharing a table with other trekkers. It was a lovely evening and we met really nice people traveling there too. We were still surprised to realise that no one was making it as extreme as we were. They all rent their gear on site or were staying at the Refugios. This made us feel even prouder of ourself.

For camping we could set up our tent on a platform. It was much more confortable to not be directly on the ground nonetheless we could not plant any stickS to keep the tent safe and sound from the wind. We could still attach the cords and add some stones to secure it but when at night a strong wind and rain started to rumble we were not feeling so sure our set up would resist. Thankfully nothing happened an we enjoyed a nice and deserved rest.

On the next morning we embraced our final path to the ultime goal of this trek: Las Tres Torres. We decided to stay at Chilean camp which is located up on the mountain at the starting point of the way to go to Las Tres Torres. Here te road was not that easy and quiet. It is steeply going up and with our backpacks it made it even tougher to reach the top. We got to the camp site quite exhausted but ready to start the ascension till the very top.

After 1h going up and the final last km climbing rocks and a laborious hill we finally were there. This picture that Andrea kept as his background screen for month was there just in front of us. It was breathless. The weather was amazing clear and we could perfectly see the Tres Torres. The lake was green and grey water color and it looked like a small bubble apart from the real world. We stayed there, enjoy our lunch in silence in front of this spectacular view one of a kind and that we will never ever forget.


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