Camping Italiano – 25km

W Trek – Torres del Paine


For our second day we hit the road again to reach Campamento Italiano. It is one of the free camping owned by CONAF. We walked 25km from Refugio Grey. The road was easy though, flat and mostly going down. The challenging part has been the extremely strong winds once we past Paine Grande. The wind was so strong that I fell once and later on literally flew away.

The road was nice and we past in front of another beautiful lagoon. The powerful wind was creating water whirl and mist on the surface of the lake. It was an incredible show to see.

We reached camp see and experienced a real wild life. There was no running water just the river and toilets which could not be defined as such….. It was a really nice experience though to be in total harmonie with the Nature.

The next morning we early woke up and went to Mirador Británico. The walk is quite easy, only the last part was 15min steep hill. But despite the hardest way the view is really rewarding. You could see the glacier, as well as the Tres Torres from the back  and on the other side the turquoise blue lagoon with the reddish mountain on the back. It was peaceful and incredibly beautiful. 

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