Running in New Zealand

Written on 16/03/2018 in Running the World

Running in New Zealand Running in New Zealand was soooo good! Such a pleasure to finally run in a mild climate, with amazing landscapes, clean roads, no stray dogs around an an unlimited number of tracks and trails. I only wish I had more time to run around the spectacular roads of Aotearoa, as we...

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TheNeverEndingTravels behing the scenes

Written on 15/03/2018 in Must Read

TheNeverEndingTravels behind the scene My heart swings back and forth between the need for routine and the urge to run I believe this sentence resume exactly my great quest in life. I have always been chasing something and once getting it wanted to have the exact opposite. But for once, when I decided to travel...

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Running in Rio de Janeiro

Written on 15/03/2018 in Running the World

Running in Rio de Janeiro Running in Rio de Janeiro in January is a though challenge! It’s so hot and humid that you really struggle to keep up with your usual pace. And you have just a couple of routes that you can follow, as the rest of the city streets are totally off limits...

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New Zealand South Island Tour

Written on 14/03/2018 in Must Read

New Zealand South Island Tour On our second week in New Zealand we hit the road up north until Abel Tasman Bay. On the way, we stopped in the lovely cities of Dunedin (kingdom of Highlanders rugby team and settlers museum) and Nelson (epicentre of New Zealand). What to do in Dunedin Dunedin is the...

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New Zealand – Queenstown

Written on 09/03/2018 in Must Read

New Zealand – Queenstown Our first stop in New Zealand was in the beautiful charming city of Queenstown. Located on the south island very close to the famous Milford Sound and Routeburn trails, this little town doesn’t have anything to envy to Switzerland and Patagonia famous Bariloche. It is just in front of an amazing...

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New Zealand Itinerary 3 weeks

Written on 08/03/2018 in Must Read

New Zealand Itinerary 3 weeks   New Zealand is an island located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean- divided into two main lands The North Island and The South Island. It has been one of the last island to be settled by humans. The first presence of human has been estimated around 1250 or 1300, when...

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10 things about Rio de Janeiro

Written on 06/02/2018 in Must Read

10 things about Rio de Janeiro After 3 weeks in Rio de Janeiro, here is the recap of what impressed us the most. We are not including in the list the 2 major tourist attractions, Pao de Azucar and the Cristo Redentor, we will talk about them in a dedicated post. 1. The Beaches When...

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